All Children...
  • Live in a safe, stable, supportive environment
  • Receive quality education and affordable child and health care
  • Achieve physical, emotional and spiritual well-being
  • Respect themselves and the diversity of others
  • Become responsible children and self-sufficient & productive adults
All Adults...
  • Are motivated and empowered to achieve their greatest level of self-sufficency
  • Have the education, skills and work ethic necessary to be successful at work and in life
  • Have quality health care the responds to their physical, mental and emotional needs
All Families...
  • Build strong relationships through love, support, guidance and encouragement
  • Are self-supporting, happy and live in a safe and nuturing environment
Our Community...
  • Creates a safe, stable and healthy environment for all
  • Creates a more efficient and comprehensive network of social services and community resources
  • Provides stable economic conditions that result in employment and career opportunities

February SNAP was delivered early. Customers who use SNAP EBT should keep in mind that February food dollars will be issued on January 16, 2019. This means that you may have two months’ worth of food dollars on your account this month. No food dollars will be added in February. The early food dollars are meant to help with next month’s food. We encourage our SNAP-participating customers to plan their purchases carefully so that they have money available to meet their food needs.


Looking for a Job? Visit the OhioMeansJobs-Pickaway County, a proud partner of the American Job Center network, at OhioMeansJobs/Pickaway

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